New England Bail Bond School .net

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for the course?

The fee is $600 and is non-refundable, so be sure that the class you are signing up for is one that will fit your schedule.

When is payment required?

A Non-Refundable deposit of $300 is due four weeks prior to the commencement of class to secure a seat. The remainder of the money will be due and payable at the start of the first class. It will be first come first serve.

Do you accept payment plans?

If you need assistance with the fee, please contact the office to discuss a payment plan.

Do I need to attend every class?

Yes, is it mandated by the state that you complete the 25 hours.

What happens if I miss a class?

You can attend the class that you missed in the next available class scheduled.

Is there anything that would exclude me from being a bondsman?

Please see the attached List of Exclusions.